(2012+) Fiat 500 Rear Sport Shock Absorber Kit

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If you lower your Fiat 500 without upgrading the rear shock absorbers, you're going to run into some issues. First off, the stock Fiat rear shock absorbers are severely under damped. This is part of the reason that the back end tends to feel vague and floaty through bumpy corners. Changing to a shorter, and often stiffer spring is going to amplify this feeling. Also, depending on how much lower than stock your car is, the stock shock absorbers tend to bottom out before the bump stop is fully compressed, which can lead to premature shock bushing wear, and eventual shock absorber failure

This kit is the most economical method of upgrading your 500's rear shock absorbers whether it is lowered or not. These high quality KYB monotube gas charged shock absorbers have a compressed length that is almost one inch shorter than stock to prevent damage on lower vehicles. It is also stiffer than stock, which means your back end will feel more level and planted through turns, while still improving ride quality.

This kit comes with everything you need to replace your stock rear shocks including 2 KYB Gas Monotube shock absorbers and all of the hardware required to install them on your 500 Pop, Sport, Lounge, Gucci, Turbo, or Abarth.

A step by step installation tutorial can be found HERE.Total install time is about one hour.

Made in Japan