LED 1156 Bulb BA15S

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This Product is Currently Available for Pre-Order:

Expected delivery by end of 2019. Development and testing of this product is complete, by pre-ordering, you allow me to purchase the components and circuit boards necessary to make a production batch in a quantity that makes production economical. Pre-ordering also gives you a slightly discounted rate compared to the normal price of the product. Thank you very much for your support!


Upgrading your vintage motorcycle or car to LED turn signals has never been easier

Simply remove your incandescent bulbs, replace them with our LED bulbs with integrated flash unit, and you’re done. There is no need to mess with resistors or change your flash unit. You don’t need to remove your old bi-metallic flash unit at all. Just replace your old bulbs with four of our LED bulbs and enjoy bright, efficient, attention grabbing LED light without any of the hassles that used to be required.

These bulbs also produce an intense warm light that penetrates through amber and red lenses more effectively than the blueish light that is emitted from other aftermarket LED bulbs. This means that fewer wavelengths of the color spectrum are filtered out, creating a more efficient and effective light source for our older machines.

These bulbs work with:

  • 12V electronics
  • 6V electronics
  • DC lighting systems
  • AC lighting systems
  • With or without a battery and rectifier


NOTE: These bulbs fits in any housing that was intended to use a full size 1156 Bulb. Some “mini” turn signals used a miniature 1156 bulb, these are too tall to fit into those housings.