Fiat 124 to Procar Seat Brackets

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Use these brackets to adapt the popular Scat Procar Rally, Elite, Classic, or Pro 90 seats to your Fiat 124 Spider using the original seat sliders.

The problem with the supplied Procar sliders is that it lifts the seat up way to high for our small cars. These brackets allow you to use the original Fiat seat adjuster sliders, which allows the seat to sit lower to the floor, very close to the look and feel of the original seating position.

These brackets come with all of the necessary bolts to install your Procar seat, but does not come with sliders. You will need to retain the original fiat sliders from your car. 

1 Seat comes with two brackets, and all necessary hardware to mount one seat, either driver or passenger side.

2 Seats comes with four brackets, and all necessary hardware to mount two seats.


  • Countersunk Screws: Fasten adapter brackets to seats
  • Short Socket Head Screws: Fasten adjuster rails to adapter brackets
  • Long Socket Head Screws: fasten adjuster rails to chassis

Works with these Scat Procar Seats:


Made in USA