Vespa Front Turn Signal Mounting Bracket

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These brackets easily mount to the bottom of the headset casting to mount mirrors and turn signals. Works Great With our Chrome Mini Indicators.

Turn Signal Only Mount:

This bracket only has the mounting position for turn signals with an M10 or 3/8" thread. There is no mounting position for a mirror. Available in left or right side.

Turn Signal and Mirror Mount:

This bracket has mounting positions for a turn signal and a mirror. Both mirror and turn signal should have an M10 or 3/8" mounting thread. Available in left or right side.


Small Frame, All (63-84)

SS 180 (64-68)

Super 125 / 150 (65-79)

GL (62-65)

Sprint / GT / GTR (65-79)

Rally 180/200 (68-79)

P200E / P125X / PX150E (77-06)

LML Star / Genuine Stella (86- )